The following programs are campus based programs that focus on general leadership studies at the master’s level.  For doctoral level programs, see our list at this link.

*Schools with an O∆K Circle

Augsburg College – Master of Arts in Leadership

Chapman University – Master of Arts in Leadership Development

Drake University – Master of Science in Leadership Development

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University –Master of Science in Leadership*

Georgetown University – Executive Master’s in Leadership

Marquette University – Master in Leadership

Marshall University – Master of Arts in Leadership Studies*

New England College – Master of Business Administration in Strategic Leadership*

North Central College (Illinois) – Master of Leadership Studies

Pepperdine UniversityMaster of Business Administration:  Leadership and Managing Organizational Change

Pennsylvania State University, Great Valley – Master of Leadership Development

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College – Master of Leadership Development

University of San Diego – Master of Arts in Leadership Studies

University of Texas El Paso – Master of Leadership Studies

Wright State University – Master of Science in Leadership Development*

This is far from a comprehensive list of college and universities with programs in leadership studies.  The Best Colleges has identified a number of top master’s programs in organizational leadership. We encourage O∆K members to expand research.  Omicron Delta Kappa does not endorse any of these programs.  However, we highly encourage our members to consider further study of leadership to enhance career prospects and contributions to society.