When you graduate from college, your relationship with Omicron Delta Kappa doesn’t need to end.  There are many opportunities to continue your involved with our Society.

If you are completing your undergraduate degree and are moving to a new institution for graduate or professional school where there is a circle of O∆K located, you may affiliate with that circle.  Contact information for all circle may be found by searching on the O∆K website.  You do not need to transfer your membership; you just need to decide to participate in circle activities.


Omicron Delta Kappa relies upon faculty and staff volunteers to also be engaged in the lives of our circles.  In case a new job brings you to a campus where O∆K is located, consider getting involved with the circle by reaching out to the officers listed on the O∆K website.  Each circle is required to have four faculty or staff members included in its voting membership.  Given the unique intergenerational nature of Omicron Delta Kappa, your involvement will be welcome!


When a campus doesn’t have a circle of Omicron Delta Kappa or if the circle has gone inactive, you are welcome to help charter or re-charter the circle.  The process for establishing a new circle is outlined here, and for additional help, please contact the Membership Services team at O∆K’s national headquarters.


All members, including those that have left the collegiate environment, have other opportunities to serve O∆K.  You may: