Each year, individuals across many disciplines and business enterprises share their observations about leadership through public talks and discussions.  Below are links to transcripts and videos (in some cases both are available) to some of the best from recent years.

Sarah Snoddy
Leading Her League: Analysis of Women’s Athletic Leadership Literature
Hollins University

Drew Gilpin Faust
To Be “A Speaker of Words and a Doer of Deeds:” Literature and Leadership
Address to the United States Military Academy (West Point), March 24, 2016

Robert M. Gates
On Leadership
Address to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs (January 2016)
Video available

Susan R. Komives
Leadership as a Way of Being
Address as the 2014-15 Biedeman Visiting Scholar, Oskin Leadership Institute, Widener University
Video available

Evett L. Simmons
The New Face of Leadership in the 21st Century
Address to the ODK Drive-In Workshop at Florida Southern College, February 25, 2017

Andrew Young
Answering the Call for Leadership
Address to The Commonwealth Club of California, December 4, 2014
Video available

Although the speech below was from decades ago, many of the themes included are equally relevant today as they were in the time that Professor Ferdinand F. Stone delivered them at an ODK province conference in 1952.  Professor Stone was the Director of The Comparative Law Institute at Tulane University.  The speech was given at Antoine’s in New Orleans.  According to ODK lore, as the waiters were serving dessert, Professor Stone decided to make his main point. He pulled out a small revolver, aimed it at the ceiling, and shot a blank.  Many of the waiters dropped their trays.  Needless to say, it was a different time.

Ferdinand Stone
Conversations Overheard * Two Tales * And An Epilogue
Address to the Southwestern Province Conference of Omicron Delta Kappa, April 4, 1952